A Comprehensive guide to Downloading, Installing, and Setting up Canon Printers with canon.com/ijsetup

Let’s setup and install your Canon Printer with canon.com/ijsetup

Getting Started

canon.com/ijsetup is a website designed and developed by Canon INC to help its customer who have purchased Canon Printers, to easily guide you through the process of downloading and installing Canon Printer Drivers and help users guide through the process of connecting the Canon Printers.

You can use canon.com/ijsetup to download your Canon Printers with any of your device. The website canon.com/ijsetup basically redirects to ij.start.canon.

What are the contents of canon.com/ijsetup

Once you enter the URL https://canon.com/ijsetup it redirects to the https://ij.start.canon website where you get 4 buttons on the main screen.

  1. Set Up (Start Here)
  2. Read Online Manual
  3. See Recommended Functions
  4. Frequently Asked questions.

How to connect using canon.com/ijsetup

What you need to do is, you need to open canon.com/ijsetup from your favourite browser. Once you are on the main page of the website, Click on the Set Up button. Now you will be on Printer Selection page, where you can simply enter your Printer Name or choose from the list of Printers. Now that you have selected your Printer, you will get a step-by-step guide on how you can connect your Canon Printer. You will also get a canon printer driver download link which will be compatible with your Printer and OS.

Note that canon.com/ijsetup website automatically detects your location and operating system and redirects you to the dedicated version of the website. Where you just need to select the Printer.

In Browser Extension to Find your Printer

Now Add the latest Chrome extension from us to Find and Connect to your Printer anytime you like.

Tips & Tricks

Keep your printer clean by regularly wiping down the exterior and cleaning the print heads as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. This helps maintain print quality.


Canon Printer Drivers are compatible for following devices





What do you need to know?

In order to download, install, and setup Canon Printer on your device, you will need to have an active internet connection. If you own a wireless Canon Printer you will need to have a WIFI connection, or if the printer is wired, you will need to connect the cable while you are trying to install a driver or trying to connect it with your Printer.

For a comprehensive guide on how to setup, install, connect, and troubleshoot your Canon Printer, please visit https://ij.start-canon.com

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