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Get Started with Canon Printers with Drivers for Canon Printer, Canon Printer help, Canon Printers Setup, for Pixma Printers with easy guides and how-to step-by-step instructions.

Drivers for Canon Printer

We have a wide range of Drivers available for you to download and connect to your Printer or Scanner. It is very easy to setup and install Canon Printer Drivers, It is almost an automated process.

Canon Printer Help

We are a third-party support system, not affiliated with Canon, Providing support and help with our Manuals and guide for Canon Printers and Scanners. There is no Remote Support included in our support system keeping you safe.

Canon Printer Setup

We also provide setup for Canon Printers with detailed instructions on how can do it. It is not that hard to get started with the details, and it is very easy to setup the Canon Printers with our manuals and guides.

Download Drivers for Canon Printer, and a complete Guide on Canon Printers Setup

Time needed: 15 minutes

Here is how you can download Drivers for Canon Printer and a complete guide to Canon Printers Setup.

  1. Visit the Canon Printer manual website

    Open your Favorite Browser, like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or the browser of your choice, and enter url or

  2. Click on the Set Up here button

    You will see a ‘Set Up’ button that has a sub-text ‘Start here’. Click on it.

  3. Find your Printer or Scanner

    Now you will see a page where you can search for your Printer, You can either search for it or scroll down to find the Series of your Printer. If your Printer is G4500, you will be able to fine your Printer under the G Series section. Click on the Section to expand it.

  4. Now you will see a guide

    For each printer there is a guide that has some steps that you have to perform to make sure that your device is connected and instruction that show you how to run your printer Driver, In these steps you will be able to find the Download button too.

  5. Click on the Download button

    Now you will be able to click on the download button, it will download the Driver installer file. Depending on the operating system you are running, you will be able to find your Downloaded file in the default download folder.

  6. Run the Installer

    If you are running a Mac OS system, you can click on the canon-driver.dmg file in your downloads folder. If you are running Windows OS, you will be able to find the canon-driver.exe file in the default Download folder. Double-click on the folder to run the installation.
    The file name may vary in different drivers.

  7. Install the Driver

    Now you can run through the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

  8. Test Print or Scan

    You can now Test Print a page depending on the program that you want to use to Test a print on your page. You can simply use Notes or Notepad to test print a file.

  9. Canon Printer/Scanner Setup is complete

    In some case you might need to align your printer or your scanner to make sure that everything works perfectly fine. Otherwise your printer or scanner has been set up successfully. logo

Canon Printers Help for your Canon Printers Setup and Installation

Setting up your Canon Printer is a very easy task in most of the case but in some cases it becomes tiresome as the Canon Printer Installation and Setup does not support some systems or might get blocked due to some error, The help is all that you need, with our amazing guides and easy to read user focused manuals, Canon Printers help is available to you for free in multiple different languages, you can also install our chrome extension to get all the help that you need.